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#ZumaMustFall #SaveOurNationAlliance Cape Town


This is a call to action for ALL South Africans. Let us use what is left of our democracy to stand united in our campaign to demand better leadership. It is time for us to stop being armchair critics and STAND UP!

Please take note of the following:

We have received the Permission to Gather documents for Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. We are legally allowed to gather at the designated areas. With the gatherings being classified as a legal, gathering this means that security and police will be present to ensure the gatherings are peaceful.
Although Pretoria has yet to be granted Permission to Gather, we have been assured by the Security Cluster that security and police will be present to ensure protester safety and security. There will also be marshals present to ensure your safety.

You are requested to wear BLACK and are discouraged from wearing political party shirts. This rally is not against any political party but rather against an individual. Please note that South African flags are welcome but absolutely no other flags will be allowed. This includes political party flags or any flags that are against what we as a country stand for.

Cape Town

  • DATE : Thursday 11th of February 2016
  • EVENT TYPE: March
  • TIME : 12:30PM for a 13:00PM start
  • VENUE : Green Market Square
  • DRESS : Black

Marshal Information:

Marshals to meet at Green Market Square at 12PM. You will be briefed on where to place yourselves and what your duties are. We are marching from Green Market Square to the Grande Parade. Please note, the march START TIME is 13:00PM.

Route and Intersections for Cape Town are as follows:

  • Turn right into Strand St
  • Cross over Adderley St 20min (500m)
  • Turn right into Lower Plein St 10min (200m)
  • Turn left into Darling St 10min (100m)
  • End on Grand Parade at Speaker’s Corner

Please note the following:

  1. There are no SONA #ZumaMustFall marches planned for Johannesburg; Gauteng marches will convene in Pretoria
  2. Protesters are advised to use public transport and to abide by parking laws within each city should you be using private transport. We recommend ride shares to ease traffic within the protest areas
  4. Employers are encouraged to please allow protesters time away from their duties in order to support the #ZumaMustFall campaign

We have successfully demonstrated that we are able to protest peacefully. We are appealing to ALL protesters to maintain order and to follow all Law Enforcement Official instructions as they are there to ensure our safety and security.

For all Media Enquiries:

  • Neziwe: +27815132600
  • Martin: +27824907523

For full details off all the marches taking place throughout South Africa please visit

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