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URGENT NOTICE for Residents of La Petite Provence


We have received a notice from the Stellenbosch Municipality that all residents who are registered to vote for the upcoming municipal elections need to be registered in Groendal and not in Franschhoek Town as they now fall under Ward 2 and not Ward 1!

This means that ALL residents of La Petite Provence need to re-register on the 9th and 10th of April 2016THE LAST REGISTRATION DATE available and make sure they are registered in the correct ward. This includes those who incorrectly registered at the Town Hall during the last registrations.

If you have not registered at the Groendal Sports Grounds you will need to do so. This is also where the voting for the upcoming municipal elections will take place for those who fall in Ward 2.

Failure to register in the correct ward will mean you will not be able to vote in the upcoming elections!

– Minnie Pieterse

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