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United Franschhoek Valley

Update regarding United Franschhoek Valley progress.

Registration as political party was approved by the IEC.  A bank account in the name of the party have been opened as well.

Next step will be to introduce the party to the broader community in the Franschhoek Valley.

In order for us to do proper planning and move forward we need financial support a.s.a.p.

Please find attached notice as appeared in the Tatler and a copy of our banking details.  Copy of our constitution have already been forwarded to you.  Please note that Arthur Mcwilliam Smith had a look at it and was very much impressed.

Herewith the Executive Committee as elected:

  • Chairperson:         Gordon Pheiffer
  • Vice Chair:             Charmaine Jacobs
  • Secretary:               Wallace Jacobs
  • Dep Secretary:      Zhikhomo Nduku
  • Treasurer:              Gershia Stevens

Our view is through hard work we can ensure that no big political party can get an outright majority vote in which case we can play an important role in enforcing the needs of the Franschhoek Valley community.

More important we want to set a platform indicating to the demarcation board that Franschhoek Valley meet all the requirements to form a municipality on its own with the inclusion of Pniel (also a former municipality).

We are looking forward to your support giving us a kickstart.


  • Taking Franschhoek forward
  • Franschhoek & Pniel own municipality like in the past
  • Taking ownership of the valley
  • Create crime-free society
  • Better Health service – PDI previous disadvantage
  • Create jobs – inhabitants first
  • Better traffic services through point duty officers
  • Focus on Tourism that benefits all
  • No further squatting – root out
  • Set-up job centre
  • Strenghten neighbourhood watch combat crime
  • Putting the residents of Valley first
  • Valley remain one of the top tourism attractions
  • Proomote & support local
  • Gangsterism and drug free valley
  • Promote & support culture of report & speak out anything that is having negative impact on a better valley
  • Mission and vision accepted and adopted by all key valley players
  • A care and share UFV
  • Not prescriptive to our members and supporters for who to vote on provincial and national level.
  • Franschhoek municipal offices utilized to benefit residents instead of driving to Stellenbosch.
  • We will refrain from speaking negative about other parties and rather concentrate on what we can do better for the people of the Franschhoek Valley.


For any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Gordon Pheiffer
060 821 3556


United Franschhoek Valley Nedbank
Current Account
Acc number: 1118344278
BC: 15480500

UFV certificate

Bank Account Details & Registration


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