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The South African Team Leaves for Germany on the 16th of July

The South African Team Leaves for Germany on the 16th of July. We will return on the 25th of July.

Joshua Daniels you already know (RASTA). There are two more boys who desperately need help, Corne’ Johnson also from Franschhoek and Uric Louw. The Farnschoek Tattler has  pictures and an article from which you can also extract information. Please forgive me but I took the liberty of including your office number and email address in this article.

Most team members have already paid their airfaresin full. We had to broker a deal with SAA for our students to be allowed to pay a deposit and pay off the ticket. This needs to be done 30 days before we leave. Other cost include Accomodation, tournament entry fees, food, Course fee to train with the World Chief Instructors, a fee to attend the farewell supper, visa and shuttle service fee.

Please help.

Thank you.

Chris Ensil.


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