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Surprise Fundraiser for Medicare EMR

This morning myself and Garth van Zyl was pleasantly surprised by “secret” fundraiser that was hosted in aid of Medicare EMR. Our champion, Danelle Swannepeol, had taken it upon herself to go door to door to businesses in the main road to promote our business and hold a collection in aid of Medicare EMR’s community project. She even got her mother and her sister in law to help out. So if you were surprised to have one of them knock on your door to promote Medicare EMR you are not alone.

Danelle got to know us through less than pleasant circumstances as she was one of the first to be on scene at the horble bus accident on the mountain pass were 4 lives were lost and a total of 31 people were injured.

After witnessing the traumatizing carnage and calling us for help she and her boyfriend assisted the injured on scene, providing them with water and comfort and allowed people to use her phone to call their families.

Danelle and her boyfriend were as much victims of this tragedy, but selflessly helped those strangers.

The experience left her with severe post traumatic stress and she came to me for help as she was unable to process the events that had taken place. I let her spend the afternoon with me at my house and debriefed her (something we do in EMS to help ourselves and colleagues cope with traumatic events).

Little did I know that this afternoon would spark a secret fundraiser for medicare as her way to say thank you to us.

So I would just like to publicly thank Danelle and her family with this wonderful surprise. It was totally unexpected, but greatly appreciated.

donations20150327In just a few days she collected R1050 from businesses in and around Franschhoek and handed out our emergency number to members of the public.

The funds have gone towards medical consumables and equipment we use to provide free emergency care to those who cannot afford it within the Franschhoek community.

Than you so much for this gesture and all of you who have supported her initiative and contributed towards it.

Kind Regards

Monika & Garth
Medicare EMR


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