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Support for request for donations for Flash Info Franschhoek

When I started Flash Info in 2011 I had a database of about 600 addresses. As I was using Outlook it became really time consuming to distribute the information, and so I asked those interested if they would like to contribute R100, voluntarily,  for the year. That is  27cents a day. I had about 120 users (out of 600) that did just that. The rest, as happens around the world, simply caught a free ride. After splitting the resulting income with the then-existing Ratepayers Association I was left with about R5500 for my time and effort- hardly big money.

I spoke to Monika about running Flash Info more efficiently, and she said she could do it, so I handed over to her about 2 years ago. As she is also involved in running EMR with partner Garth van Zyl (and Emergency Medical Response has become a vitally important part of our Community), and cash flow was important, I suggested she also ask the people reading FlashInfo to do the same. She declined, but has continued to run this (what has become a really effective communication tool) absolutely free for the last couple of years.

This really does not happen in too many places around Planet Earth. It is a lot of time consuming work, which she does beside her other business of running EMR in Franschhoek.

But it is effective. And it works.

So how about each person who reads FlashInfo send her R100, once, for the year? 27cents a day? For this? What a bargain.

Flash Info is proving to be of huge benefit to our entire community.

Ron Whytock


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