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Student To-Up Finance Scheme for Franschhoek

FRANCO invites suitably qualified young persons who applied/going to apply for further career training at Boland College or other recognised training centres, where courses are offered in practical subjects such as farming, motor mechanics, plumbing, electrician, nursing, etc.

Subject to interview, and at the discretion of the FRANCO Board, top-up finance to complete the training fees may be provided by FRANCO to successful applicants.

To-up finance may be granted if student:

  • Applied for Bursary but bursary does not cover Total Course Fee
  • Bursary covers 75% of Accommodation fee
  • or Student/Parent is able/willing to share finance responsibility
  • or Student is partly financed by a 3rd party

(Please note that FRANCO will not cover the majority of total course fee)

If you are already enrolled at an institution, you may also apply for Top-Up Finance.

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