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Stiebuel River Cleaning project

TO THE PEOPLE OF FRANSCHHOEK   I am aware of the constant pleas for help by so many charity groups, and how irritating this becomes after a while. Nevertheless, I  am asking you to at least read this article.

This was generated by a released prisoner, on parole, now called an “ex-offender”. It is entirely his idea and planning. He has in mind to create some type of employment for the many ex-offenders and others living in our very own townships, as well as cleaning up the environment. He is asking nothing for himself.

We at FRANCO encourage this type of empowerment.

We never ask anyone for money and we will not do it now, but I will attach our bank details in the event you wish to help him. But I implore you to read this and give it the support you think it is worth.

You will not believe the conditions that some of these people are living in, given the heat. And right under our noses. If you ever wanted to make a difference to someone’s life then here is your opportunity.

Account: 1670006654,
Branch 167005

Please identify any deposit with “Johnny Cleanup

Ron Whytock  (FRANCO Chair)

This is Johnny’s plan:


Stiebeuel-river cleaning project will be a project which connects the ex-offenders and the community towards a common goal of creating a clean and healthy environment for all the people who live alongside our famous and precious Stiebeuel-river, which supplies one of our dams with water from the mountains of Franschhoek.

The main goal of this project is to keep the unemployed and the ex-offenders busy while they are on the lookout for a possible job. Also to provide some relief by providing for them food parcels while they are on the search for employment.

This project is motivated to do something in helping the needy young people from FRANSCHHOEK, who have nothing to do but are just sitting around the community due to unemployment, who end up being involved on drugs, alcohol abuse, and in crime.

This project will be rotational; giving those who are unemployed the opportunity to participate in cleaning up the mountain river site and getting food parcel in return.

Stiebeuel-river project execution plan

  1. Manpower

We will strategically select those who are to participate in this project from the unfortunate (18yrs- upward) who are unemployed who lives along the Stiebeuel-river area; we will also ensure a balanced selection between genders five males and five females (10 people) on every group. All these will be working for a total of twenty-four hours divided in two weeks,’’ three days each week, for 4 working hours each day, at the end of 2018 we will manage to bring some relief in  180 poor people.

  1. Equipment/ Working Tools:
  • Wheelbarrows/plastic bags.
  • Rakes
  • Fork spades
  • Spades
  • Handsaw/ chainsaw
  1. Garbage picking truck

I already approached the councillor to make sure that there will be a pickup truck available for the rubbish.

  1. The budget needed for 2018 food parcel’s commencing in March till November.


This money will be used to purchase R300 food parcel per person for 2018.

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