The aim of this site is to:

  • Distribute information quickly
  • Uplift & inform the community.
  • Promote safety.
  • Prevent crime.
  • Alert the public of possible security risks.
  • Promote the principles of the  Franschhoek Valley Transformation Charter

Subject Matter:

  • Security, crime, alerts, assistance to SAPS
  • Lost  dogs, cats or  children
  • Any municipal service  breakdowns, or major  change of operations- water, power, sewerage, refuse
  • Helping any person, or group, in genuine need, to  find accommodation or  dispose of any possession
  • Advice of any  meetings of importance
  • Minutes/report of these meetings
  • Any relevant traffic problem
  • Anything practical that  reinforces the Transformation Charter signed last year, or the  new FHK Education Transformation Project.
  • Anything  that promotes employment or education, or any group or person that is doing something  for the Community without making a business or profit  from it.
  • Any potential property  development that will directly affect the rest of us, or the ambiance of the Village, adversely
  •  Any  other issue at the discretion of the administrators not mentioned above.

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Flash Info was started by Ron Whytock in 2010.

In January 2013 Monika Vermeulen took over the administration of the Flash Info project from Ron Whytock and started moving the project from a purely mail based server to the Facebook Social media platform. Within a short period of time it was proven that the Facebook page was very effective and had the ability to grow itself beyond the existing database as well as simplify life when it came to posting images.

However some people were reluctant to follow the new Social Media trend so the interest of making this page inclusive they created a Flash Info Franschhoek Blog Page for those who are not fond of using Facebook. This also enables users to subscribe to the posts ensuring that they receive post.

Users have the option to subscribe via email and set the frequency of the emails they receive and completely bypass Facebook if they so choose. All posts are published via the Blog Page to Facebook.