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Press release – update on the Cape Town march and other planned events around the country

As the ANC launched it’s Manifesto to underwhelming attendance, representatives of the Zuma Must Fall movement met this weekend with the Peoples Consultative Assembly around the country to discuss issues of common purpose. Both the PCA and Zuma Must Fall share common ground in abhorring the corruption that runs rampant through the Zuma led government.

The meetings were attended by various organizations and ideas were put forth as to the road forward and areas of cooperation were discussed. As #ZumaMutfall has already obtained a permit for a protest march around parliament on the 27th of April it was decided that PCA will join us in support at the march as well as have coinciding sit-ins and pickets across the country.

Community leaders present made committed pledges to call on their communities and rally them to join us at the protest, and where transport or distance was a problem they would stage pickets within their own communities to show solidarity towards our united cause.

We have received word that the opposition parties have reached out and pledged their support to the cause and the planned march for 27 April. 27 April is set to be a continuation and step up in the campaign to retake our democracy.

Without preference for race or political affiliation the planned march is set to unite South Africans from all walks of life in a national show of unity against a corrupt and borderline illegitimate presidency. We as South Africans have stood behind and supported due process of law, we have rallied and supported constitutional court action. We have waited with baited breath for the outcome and celebrated the triumph of justice for our constitution. We the people have been dealt a crushing blow by the ruling parties refusal to recall Jacob Zuma and equally at the presidents refusal to do the right thing and step down as president of our country.

On April 27, the South African people will rally, will picket, will protest and will march so that our voices are heard. Our constitutional democracy will not be sullied one day more without the voice of the people being heard.

Every South African that stands for freedom and an accountable government are called upon to stage or join protests and march, apply for picketing permits or just stand outside their homes with a sign – any action is better than inaction. In generations to come, our children will ask what we did when our constitution was assaulted – now is the time to ensure that we act in it’s defence


For those who are willing to help support our cause via donations to secure resources such as funds for printing posters and flyers as well as sound equipment and other expenses for the day please email me at . Any assistance, no matter how small will be greatly appreciated- Monika Vermeulen



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