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Please help save the Cork Oaks on Matoppie

People of Franschhoek. I am most concerned with the health of the last stand of Cork Oaks on Matoppie (above La Motte Bosbou). They were left alone by the tree fellers, but were then burnt in the fires.

Normally cork oaks are fire proof and these also recovered nicely, but with their symbiotic mycelium damaged in the fire they battled. The last thing they needed was another setback, but that is exactly what whoever manages this mountain administered. They decided it was a good idea to poison the new root shoots with herbicide (probably a mix of Garlon and diesel or glyphosate).

Apart from the immediate damage to the trees it also annihilated the microbial life in the soil, including the mycelium. I don’t know if these trees can be saved and will get an expert to have a look, but I might need some assistance from the Franschhoek people.

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