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No more armchair politics

“ok. This is a Serious question (for a change)

What would it take for YOU to stop what you’re doing. Get off your chair, away from your keyboard and march to the houses of Parliament to stage a sit in to recall Zuma from power so that he can stop destroying our country?

What’s the catalyst of magic muti here? Do you need guarantees of friends going too? Is there something sacrosanct that he’d have to affect first? What would it take?

And yes I do expect ALL of my friends to answer this. I really do want to know what it will take?”

This was a question posted by Craig Pedersen, a friend of mine and a kindred spirit. I couldn’t think of a better way to put it myself so I asked for his permission to re-post it here to all our Flash Info supporters.

Social media is buzzing and petitions are garnering thousands of signatures in days, but signing online petitions alone will not be enough. It has to be more than just a hashtag.

Some say they will go if they had a guarantee that it would change anything. All I know is that doing nothing wont make things better either. The time for armchair politics is over.

And for those of you who don’t want to be a puppet in a political party chess game I strongly suggest getting involved with organizations such as #zumamustfallmarch & #corruptionmustfall who do not want to be politically affiliated and are helping people get informed about protest events in and around their area and who are helping ordinary citizens get actively involved and out of their chairs.

Marches, initiatives, and what you can do

In support of their efforts Flash Info Franschhoek will be syndicating articles and news updates to Flash Info’s site as well as supporting local efforts for those who wish to protest locally in their own municipalities without having to travel to one of the major cities due to logistics.

For anyone who wants to get involved with organizing something locally you can contact me and we can get the ball rolling in Franschhoek.

Monika Vermeulen

#zumamustfall #corruptionmustfall #southafricamustrize
#zumamustfall #corruptionmustfall #southafricamustrize

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