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Medicare EMR Crowdfunding for new Ambulances


Please support us in our efforts to raise funds for two new ambulances

To comply with new regulations and provide a more comprehensive service to Franschhoek and its people, we plan on acquiring 2 ambulances to service the area and our clients.

Medicare EMR provides the Franschhoek Valley and surrounds with 24 Hour Rapid Emergency Medical Response to anybody requesting our assistance. We are essentially a community development and upliftment project run asana NGO. Our membership programme helps generate the funds for us to provide essential medical and trauma stabilisation of patients who can’t afford it. We also have affiliations with various organisations in the community with whom we initiate projects

The majority of our calls we attend to are free of charge is this is in line with our vision to give community support to the most vulnerable.

So as you can see we are making a difference.By supporting this project, you too can make a difference. We appreciate all the support received thus far from the members and look forward to providing you with the life-saving service offer!

Emergency Response Statistics


Live statistics on all the emergencies that Medicare EMR has responded to within Franschhoek over the last 2 years. These statistics are updated as each call is logged, giving you accurate and real-time information.

Goal Total R500,000.00

Goal: R250,000.00 per ambulance

How you can contribute

We have several methods available for those who wish to help us with our goals. You can donate via traditional band deposits, or make use of blockchain cryptographic deposits.

We have even issued our very own blockchain token! The Emergency token, on the Waves Platform Blockchain. 

Please see the list below of available donation methods:

Emergency Waves Tokens

Token id: 3BXh7koZ7wjtrXWbY5RDb3gc5cNkjs3ubbG1UuyvKhMf

Each token is redeemable a single month subscription to our emergency services per person. Terms & Conditions Apply


Please use the reference: “Emergency Donations”

Medicare Emergency Medical Response CC

First National Bank


BC: 250 655


please email proof of payment to

Other Crypto donation methods:

Waves Platform

Medicare EMR Waves Wallet

3P2qCz8RS242W6qq7QFrDXw5mZAD9y4N9Lm              alias: emergency


btc wallet

Medicare EMR Bitcoin Wallet




Medicare EMR Ethereum Wallet




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