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Mass protest in Franschhoek 7 April 2017

To All Franschhoek Residents, irrespective of your race, language, colour, religion, or political party.
There exists serious problems in our country of which we are all aware

There are moves afoot around the country at this moment to organize a mass protest by the people of South Africa to make the Government aware of the feelings of we, THE PEOPLE.

· There are several groups in Franschhoek organizing a mass meeting on the steps of the Town Hall at 1200 to last for two hours.

· There must be no political activity other that the general protest against shocking governance and mass corruption that is ripping the guts out of our land.

· No political party flags will be permitted within these groups.

· It will be peaceful.

The gathering will be duly authorised by the authorities.

Wear Black if possible.

Please make every effort to attend.


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