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Lost doggie looking for its owner

This little dog followed my two dogs home from their morning walk around 8.30 ish to the Monument at the end of Huguenot St.  Our gardener saw he was lost and definitely not road savvy, so brought him home with great difficulty as my two pretty jealous of Spider, that’s our gardener by the way!

He is very timid and follows Spider around during the day or my husband or I in the evening. He whimpers a lot, obviously lost but has been treated kindly as likes to be on the beds! Not an aggressive bone in his little body as if either of mine just growl for him to get off ‘their’ beds, he does.

I really think he looks like an Italian Whippet/greyhound as not an ounce of fat. His coat is beautiful and not a mark on his body. We can only surmise he slipped his collar or jumped over his wall…he can jump pretty high.

Nobody has contacted Lil at SPCA as yet. I really hope we can find his owner as he didn’t eat the first day but last night really enjoyed quite a lot.

Warm regards, Heather Lee-Roberts

Home no 021 8764480
Cell 082 8946649


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