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Interview with Natie Ferreira in response to Sikhula Sonke Farmworkers Trade Union protest

Flash Info contacted Natie Feriera, the managing Director of Coure Trading in response to the statement provided by Henrieta Abrams in regards to the Sikhula Sonke Farmworkers Trade Union protest.

Natie Feriera agreed to let me interview him and we met at Sacred Ground coffee shop this morning just before 9 for some Q&A.

I apologize in advance for the poor quality of my interviewing skills as I have not done this before. I hope to get much better at this for the future and see this as a learning curve with loads of room for improvement. As much as I would love to edit it for smoother listening, I have decided to upload the file in its raw format for the sake of time constraints and transparency. I might go back and edit it later when time allows for quality purposes only. This being said, it was a very interesting discussion that paints a very different perspective from the one gained from Henrietta Abrams the day before.

You can listen to the interview on the Soundcoud link below:

We are also hoping to publish the official press release from Le Franscchoek estate when we receive it.

– Monika Vermeulen

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