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Help Save our Rhino and Bearded Vultures- they do not belong to South Africans but to Planet Earth. We are but the Caretakers

Please look at the attached flyer and website The Rhino Peak Challenge is a wonderful concept to raise funds to help save our Rhinos and Bearded Vultures.

Two friends who farm or live near Underberg in the beautiful Drakensberg, are staging their second Fundraiser on World Rhino Day 22/9 to raise funds for the Endangered Wildlife Trust supporting the Rhino and the Bearded Vultures. We ask you to consider making a pledge on one, or more, of the runners, who are world class athletes as you will read.

The organizers, Spurg and Matt are naturally working for free and every cent you give will reach the EWT. If you are from overseas please put your country of residence in brackets after your name We are looking for global awareness and in this way we hope to start building what could become an annual event. The website will explain the details.

So folks lets get the Rands,US Dollars, Euros, Pounds or any currency you fancy rolling in. Don’t forget to look at the runners on the website and make your pledge. This is not asking a lot of money given the current exchange rate to the Rand.

What you might also consider is to make a direct donation instead of a pledge. After it has been completed you will be contacted to advise you what your financial commitment will be and the bank details will be provided.

Please remember: we South Africans don’t own the animals ( as some people think)- they belong to Planet Earth. We South Africans are simply the Caretakers and it is our duty to protect them so that any person on Earth may come here and choose to see them living in their natural surroundings. We invite you to join us and save these animals and birds.

The rhinos are being savagely butchered for the sake of their horns at a rate of about one every 8 hours, day and night. If you have ever visited any of our game parks, and thrilled at the sight of these magnificent animals then now is the time to get involved in saving them, irrespective of which country you are from.

Our rangers are at war with the poachers. New technology is being introduced to help in the fight. It costs money.


Ron Whytock, Franschhoek

0825512089 / 021 876 2786

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