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Harry in our Kennels

Harry update

100_0734Not one small amount of interest for Harry and most welfares full and not taking.

There was a possible from a local married couple both Lilly and I spoke to them but it did not sound that positive and he has been with us since end November.

During his stay with us we have given him every opportunity to adapt, such as slowly getting him to interact with the resident ladies and staff, lead work, this successfully as in the past week he was out and about most of the time only being locked in the outside kennel when we had people on the property to make sure he did not act badly …. like Blackie does sometimes sweet and getting better as she becomes older but every now and again taking a little chunk out of peoples trousers and catching a little bit of leg skin when she had a female moment! as several people have experienced.

Goodnews hopefully tonight Lilly is taking Harry to spend the night with the family she has found in Languedoc they have a fully enclosed property and are wanting to adopt a dog and so because we have had no response from any other source we and Harry are fortunate to have a possible home, as we all know it is a bad time of year out with the old and in with the new.  Lilly knows the people, passes their house everyday so can keep an eye on things and so we are trying him out here.

Harry is going tonight to see how things go and so cross fingers, toes, legs infact everything that he likes them and they like him.  If it works he will then be immediately this week sterilised and have his 5 in 1 etc and we will keep him as one of our Franschhoek SPCA family to make sure he is dipped, dewormed etc regularily.


Chairperson and Volunteer

Franschhoek SPCA


No one has claimed him as yet

Doggy found at Due South

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