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FRANCO needs notebook computers

Ladies and Gentlemen, FRANCO  is at present processing a student through Boland College. This  young man is on a 3 1/2 year  course that will equip him properly in Farm Management. He is at present  studying  farming,  plant nutrition,  welding, data keeping, basic financial management, basic electrical  and motor  mechanics. At the  end of this course he will be EMPLOYABLE . He was given a used notebook computer that has, unfortunately, proved to be so slow that it is unusable.

We are looking for 3 used (but still in reasonable working  condition) units. We will be sending  and increasing number of students  for proper and practical training in order to make them employable, and these  notebooks will be loaned to them until they have completed their course.

Should anyone be able to assist please call Ron Whytock at 876 27786 or 0825512089 or .

We thank  you.

RM Whytock

9 Domaine des Anges

Franschhoek 7690


021  8762786 / 0825512089


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