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Franco AGM Report

To the People of Franschhoek

FRANCO is an organization that has been active in Franschhoek for over 13 years, working in our townships and elsewhere to help improve the quality of life of its residents. We have dealt, literally, with thousands of people and we are still active right across the spectrum of difficult or problem situations.  We set out from the beginning to avoid any publicity for the feeding of egos and self-promotion and many of you will not have heard of us, or possibly only vaguely.

We are looking for persons who might be interested in joining us. They must have a passion for the poor, the underdog, the disadvantaged and be willing to join the FRANCO Board. Much of the work involves decision making on funding and can be done from home by telephone, email or messaging.

There is no pay attached to this position, but you will be active enough to begin to feel a real part of Franschhoek, not just on the wine and dine side (not that there is anything wrong with that). You will also begin to get to grips with many of the problems and difficulties facing us.

Should you be interested in more information kindly call:


AGM:  FRANCO is holding its 13th AGM in the NGK Hall on 24 July at 1650. It will be a short meeting but one at which an important decision for us will be taken.

This will be followed after the AGM by a short slide presentation of FRANCO general activities, including our latest project of attempting to clean up the one stream running through the townships. This should be completed by about 1845 at the latest.


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