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Fire Allert – Fire caught just in time at La Cotte Cottages

Me and my partner Lance Vercuil, from Medicare EMR, was just on our way to the market at the church when we happened to spot smoke coming from La Cotte Farm. After all the suspicious fires of the last few weeks we decided not take any chances and went to investigate.

We traced the smoke to La Cotte Cottages on La Cotte Farm and to our horror found that the forest right next to the houses had been set alight and the fire was out of control and moving into the forest along the river and towards the houses.

data=!3m1!1e3 (3)We called for anyone in the houses but it appeared that there was nobody there. We called for back up to dispatch the Fire Department and we set about trying to prevent the fire from reaching the houses with a garden hose and a bucket.

One of the residents (Charl Verster, who stays further down from the cottages), came out from his house after he heard shouting and was surprised to find us battling the fire so close to his home. He had no idea that a fire had broken out. He called Robbert Rittel who’s house was right next to the blaze who then joined us at a later stage.

We managed to contain the fire by the time the fire department arrived and they helped us take care of the smoldering wood and made sure it was out completely.


We are putting out an URGENT request for all residents to be extra vigilant and report any and all fires immediately as we suspect this is one of a numerous fires started by a serial arsonist in our area.

Please take note of the emergency numbers listed on Flash Info and make sure you have them saved on your phone.

We would also remind everyone that fire season is not over yet and no open fires are allowed without a permit so anybody who starts an open fire without such permit will be fined.

Monika Vermeulen

Medicare EMR



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