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Feedback from meeting with SAPS and follow up meeting scheduled

Good day all concerned residents and business owners;

Firstly, thank you very much to all who were present at our meeting with SAPS last night. We feel positive that with enough bodies and physical support all the concerns can be addressed. In my opinion it was clear that lack of active man power is causing most of the frustration.

We would like to keep the positive momentum going and have arranged for the first follow up meeting to be this coming Tuesday 02.08.2016 – Reviving the neighbourhood watch

The easiest way forward will be to revive the neighbourhood watch and start our patrols in Franschhoek Town asap. We would appreciate it if all residents willing to support the neighbourhood watch could make themselves available for a canvassing, info and procedure meeting.

Tuesday 02.08.2016
NG Church hall.

Pieter Pepler


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