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Encouraging Vocational Training for our Young People


FRANCO is now in its 12th year of operations to help those in our area( Franschhoek and its surrounds) in need of many things, which also includes vocational training. This means helping  them become qualified in  an activity  that will  enable them to  find employment. Boland College, one of quite a few training institutions, offer  this type of training. The three branches located closest  to us are in Paarl, Stellenbosch  and Worcester.

FRANCO began  this type of help by offering interest  free loans to suitably qualified  young people, but we have done away  with the loan system because it simply did not work as very few of the recipients had the means to repay these. So what we  do now is give an applicant approximately 75% of the  course fees and let them find the  small balance. At  the moment FRANCO has nineteen people enrolled in courses  as diverse as old age home care to police college training to farm management to beauty therapy.

We are encouraging  young people to apply at the FRANCO office at the Lords’s Acre  in Groendal,  and we are  asking you  to  spread this message amongst your employees and encourage their sons and daughters to make application in good time  for the  start of semesters next  January. They should report, in person, to the FRANCO office at the Lord’s Acre  and speak to Melisa, the FRANCO secretary and   Manager,  for further  details.

It is a first come-first served basis  and the remaining slots available are filling up- please encourage them to take action now.


9 Domaine des Anges

Franschhoek 7690


T: 021 876 2786

M: 0825512089


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