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Dogs urgently looking for loving homes

For many humans, times are tough and will be becoming increasingly worse with inflation, winter less available work etc.

We are beginning to see animals abandoned by owners and these two cute ladies obviously abandoned on the pass a week ago are two victims.  There were two puppies one male and one female the gentleman who found them has taken the male and the team have arranged for him to be sterilised as soon as he is old enough, unfortunately the little female was so bad she did not survive the night.

We are now obviously URGENTLY looking for homes for the remaining ladies.

Please tell your friends and family!

They are both very well behaved, are friendly and in good condition, we dont know how they would be with cats and so we will try this out as soon as they are a little more settled.

Please contact 0837455344 or 0218764808 or 0825103680 if you can help in any way.

Thank you for your help



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