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Do you have these pesky buggers in your garden?


I have 3 nests on my property of the European Wasp species and would like your support in forcing Stellenbosch Municipality in establishing a control programme like the City of Cape Town has done in accordance with the NEMBA act of 2004 – Under the National Environment Management: Biodiversity Act (NEMBA), Act 10 of 2004, the German wasp and European paper wasp are designated as Category 1b Invasive Alien Species.

This legislation states that:

  • These wasps need to be managed as part of an invasive species control plan.
  • Once the control plan has been adopted in an area, no person may relocate or disperse these wasps.

LETS WORK TOGETHER and get rid of these wasps before they wipe out our local Bees!!!

Garth van Zyl




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