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Crime Alert – Early warning notice 2015 festive season


Statistics have shown that crimes like Robberies, Thefts and Burglaries are normally on the increase during the Festive Season.  Banks, Jewellers and other businesses with valuable items and large amounts of cash and tourists are targets during these times.  Businesses which remain open till late are also easy targets.

We therefore urge you to step up your security measures and to report any suspicious persons or vehicles which might be a threat to our town and/or your business or customers.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to safe guard your business, staff and customers.  Be pro-active and take the necessary precautions to prevent being a victim of these crimes.  Phone 10111 to ensure that your complaints are being recorded on our systems.

Also to help us to identify possible threats you can make use of the following email address:-

Use this for information purposes only.  Registration numbers of suspicious vehicles with (Date, time, place) can be sent to this email address.

Please take this warning seriously and react now.

Be vigilant and have a safe festive season.

Crime Intelligence Office : SAPS : Franschhoek



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