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Arnie has gone missing from Bagatelle


Thank you Dear Monika for all your help. Andrea Visser saw a large cat crossing the road and disappearing into a drain pipe this morning on the Verdun Road, quite some way from home !!. I rushed there when I got her message and it was Arnie !! He was so so pleased to see me. He has eaten his way through a huge bowl of food and is now asleep in the sun.  Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!

Arnie has gone missing from Bagatelle, behind the Shofar Church.

He is a very large cat (8kgs) with a couple of war wounds, half of his nose is missing, he has a split on one eye lid and slightly tattered ears.

He is a friendly chap but scared of dogs.

PLEASE keep a look out for him, very very sadly missed.

Caro 0834410715 or Peer 0825543517


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