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A shameful performance

Ladies and gentlemen, I read  with  some concern  that Monika Vermeulen, who does such a sterling job of running Flash Info, had  received the sum of about R5000  from donations (for  which  she  was genuinely grateful)  for the upgrading of the Flash Info system. I happen to know that Flash Info is now reaching about 1300 people .

Lets assume that half of those are just casual visitors,  then that leaves 650 of us who read and use Flash Info. Let’s assume again that each of those are the head of a family of three.  So a simple bit of arithmetic shows that 1950 people actually benefit  from the Flash Info service (Oh yes!- when the dogs/cats/iPads/wallets go missing and Flash Info is used to  find  them again, then everyone is benefiting) and the princely sum of R2,56  was, on average,  given by each user of this very versatile and useful tool, developed  for the benefit of all of us in this town, FOR A YEAR? And this after receiving  the last two years for  free. From this wealthy town?

Pardon me as I turn away in disbelief.

What a shameful performance.


(PS:This obviously excludes those few  good people, socially aware and community orientated,  who always rise to the occasion-AGAIN.)


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