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Donations needed to upgrade Flash Info Franschhoek

On the 29th of January Flash Info Franschhoek had its second birthday. We have come a long way in the last two years and have developed a strong and steady support base. We currently have 1255 dedicated followers and that number is increasing at a steady rate.

In March we have had 23551 unique visitors to our site and 33758 veiws. That is only in the last 13 days. This number keeps growing exponentially each month.

This alone testifies to the immense popularity this site has developed from people all over the world who are interested in what we do here.

In the last few months you would have noticed some cosmetic changes as we strive to present our project in a more professional light. Unfortunately the odd spelling mistake still presents itself and I am grateful for your tolerance. Sometimes things get a bit hectic and I don’t always screen the edits as well as I would like to.

We have requested volunteers to contribute and though I received a good response, unfortunately Elri decided to leave Franschhoek and will no longer be able to assist me with the day to day management of the project.

We have also done a survey in regards to our advertising – or should I say “non advertising” policy – and it appears that our original stance on the subject will remain enforced as was indicated by those who participated in the poll.

I believe Flash Info Franschhoek has been tremendously useful and powerful and we have managed to help a lot of people in a very real and meaningful way over the last few years – and we have done this without any financial contributions from anybody.

I do however feel that perhaps it is time that we ask our loyal followers if they would be willing to make a small financial contribution to the upkeep and management of the project.

This will be a completely voluntary contribution and is by no means a requirement to continue making use of this site.

I would like to further upgrade the website and register it under a new domain – I would also like to upgrade some features of the site – which is currently hosted on a free WordPress blog platform – and allow for better functionality and features such as video embeds and other upgrades.

To upgrade the site will cost $99.00 a year (roughly R1214.96)

I would also like to employ somebody part time to assist in managing and running the project on a permanent basis as it has become very difficult for me to keep up with all the posts that need publishing in between my 2 other jobs I have. I try my best but a lot of the stories go unpublished just because I don’t have the time to do it.

This of course would be completely dependent on our readers and their willingness to make financial contributions to help us bring an even better publication to you.

I am also planning on officially registering Flash Info Franschhoek as a Non Profit to facilitate this.

I would love to hear back from you. Is anybody willing to lend us some financial support and take this project to the next level?

In the mean time I would like to make the following bank details available for anyone who is willing to put some money towards the upgrade of the website:

Flash Info Franschhoek
Absa Savings Account
Account Number: 9292030452
Branch code: 632005
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

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