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Please assist Ingqayi Educate Centre this winter

flashinfo-creshDear Sir/Madam

We are a centre that’s operating from Langrug informal Settlement in Franschhoek. At the moment we have 40 children in a small shack and also cater for 8 after school Gr 1 to 3 children whom we assist in doing their home works till their parents come back from work at about 6pm some of our parents work shift. They then come home at about 10-11 at night that has resulted in us taking care of children fulltime being the school and home. At the moment we have 8 sleepovers including orphans that are placed temporally by social development.

The process of transferring or putting them permanent is taking time due to requirements by the Government which include space etc but whilst they have their criteria they are not helping either by taking the kids to their care or places that passes the test. At our home the only thing we know is that the need to assist vulnerable children is very high and we are doing what we can.

We do struggle in feeding children, clothing and other human needs. We request that you may assist us in any way that you can and also refer us to other potential donors that you may know. Now that its winter we will be glad if we can get blankets and any other warm things.

Thank you very much Monika for the donation you have made after the fire attack in our area. Can you also assist in arranging ID’s with Home Affairs some children do not have birth certificates as parents who cannot afford to go to Paarl offices. When I was in Cape Town we used to call HA to come to people especial after fire or any other disaster as we are aware that most people are struggling to put plate on the table.

Hoping that our condition might tough your heart and others and we trust that you may want to visit our centre which you more than welcome to do so at any time. We will be happy if we hear from you soon.


K. Mpongo
Principal: KurshMpongo                                                            
Cell: 0836976270


I was asked to ad the banking details for those who wish to make financial contributions:

 Community Home Based Health Care 
 Check Account


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